Introduction to Python - Using Colour

Posted on 09-10-19 in Computing

This post is part 6 of the Introduction to Programming" series
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Introduction to Python - Using Colour

This is an aside / extension material for students who get ahead

In this article we will cover :

  1. How to change the colour of the turtle's pen
  2. How to fill shapes
  3. What colours a computer can understand


You will need to be able to :

  1. Draw simple shapes using Turtle
embedded video, no alt provided

In this video we have changed the colour using tl.color('red'). Notice the American spelling! Here's one way to accomplish this in code

import turtle as tl


for colour in ('red', 'green', 'yellow', 'purple'):



  1. Which colours are allowed? Can we produce something nice for the kids to use?
  2. How to specify colours as 0 -> 1
  3. Exercises based on this (include an alternating colour example, ie using a = not a
  4. How to do fill
  5. Exercises and freetime