"Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file."

—Louis Srygley

Computer science, the new entry to schools in UK schools, holds much confusion for teachers and students alike.

Basic Implementation of Graphs In Python

Posted on 11-02-19 in Computing • Tagged with python, A-level

In this article I outline one method of implementing simple graphs in Python along with some questions.

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Using Decorators in Python

Posted on 04-02-19 in Computing • Tagged with python

What decorators are and how they can be used in Python are discussed in this article

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A Level Computing Project - Where to start

Posted on 19-01-19 in Computing • Tagged with A-level, Computer Science

This guide outlines how to begin writing (and coding) an A-level project for Computer Science

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Random numbers, order and choices

Posted on 01-10-18 in Computing • Tagged with python. random, passwords

In this article I will present uses of the standard library random. We will apply this to some useful examples.

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What to do when you're stuck

Posted on 24-02-18 in Computing • Tagged with python, programming

In this article I outline what to do if you get stuck with the exercises.

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Going in spirals with Turtle - Writing good code

Posted on 14-02-18 in Computing • Tagged with python, random, turtle, animation

Using the Python Turtle library we draw spirals with ever increasing complexity. The aim is to see examples of good and bad code.

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Fancy Printing With Python

Posted on 10-11-17 in Computing • Tagged with python, output, print

Printing with the new format argument is an incredibly useful technique. In this article I will present a few use cases.

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Asking for Validated Input

Posted on 08-11-17 in Computing • Tagged with python, gcse, coding

In this post I will describe one way to ask the user for input and reject invalid input

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