Customer Testimonials

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”

—Daniel Kahneman

Very good teacher

A level mathematics & A level Physics

Highly Recommended

A level Physics and Mathematics Mark is reliable and punctual, he has set up a great rapport with my 17 year old son. He is very knowledgeable and his enthusiasm for the subject helps with the tricky parts.

My son benefits a great deal from Marks knowledge and support

A level Computer Science He has now stared to enjoy computer science much more even after only 6 lessons.

my son is already improving his grades.

A level Physics and Mathematics Mark`s academic history is impressive, and he does a great job helping my son through his Maths/Physics A-levels. Very good at getting in-depth into topics that are often explained too quickly at school.

An excellent tutor in every way

A level Physics and Mathematics Mark Stephen Brown taught me A Level Physics for a year at a private tutoring organization, and I acknowledge with hindsight that I was not the easiest student. I always enjoyed the subject but was not a hard worker. Mark went beyond his job when he tried to help me develop a work ethic outside of class, by referencing me to countless sources of information about science and generally trying to deepen my interest. He showed me, to teach me more about semiconductor physics, as well as recommended a first year university physics text (Roger Muncaster Fourth Edition) amongst other things. Since he is also interested in some computer science, and knew out I wanted to find out more, he explained some basic concepts to me (searching large volumes of numerical data) combining my fascination in mathematics. He even went so far as to write up a program suggested by me as part of his coding practice. In short, I wouldn't say Mark spends all of his time preparing for tutoring, it's precisely because he spends so much time doing his own research and keeping up to date on current events in the academic world that he provides such an exceptional education.

Mark was amazing - immediately putting my son at ease and getting straight down to work.

Python We discovered Mark when my son was struggling with his coding in Python as part of his GCSE computer science course. He helped his confidence and ability and gave him some valuable tips and advice which he hadn’t been given at school. We are really pleased to have found Mark, and I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend him.

Well prepared & interesting Tutor

A level Physics I would recommend Mark B - came well prepared, my son felt much more confident on his areas of weakness in Physics and Maths. Also gave some useful ideas on university courses.

Mark is a very good tutor.

A level Computer Science After a 2 hour session with Mark, my son was more knowledgeable of the topics he had previously struggled with in the Computer Science A Level. His confidence has also improved.


A level Physics I was having a lot of difficulties answering exam questions under time pressure and Mark was able to help me fully grasp the correct exam technique. He gave brilliant, clear explanations and his passion for the subject gave me motivation to work hard. He is punctual, organised and a great physics tutor. By the end I had a greater understanding of the subject and motivation to do well in the subject!

Mark helped to boost our daughter`s confidence with a one off session just before her physics A level

A level Physics

He is outstandingly good.

A level Physics Mark is helping to prepare my daughter for her final A-level physics exams. He established a rapport with my daughter from day 1 and has already noticeably improved her self-confidence. She is very happy with the help he is giving her.

Mark is very thorough, identifies weaknesses quickly and is very patient.

A level Mathematics My son was very happy with the A-Level Maths assistance he received from Mark. He was flexible with timing which was massively helpful. Happy to recommend.

Outstanding tutor in physics

A level Physics We are extremely grateful to Mark for his tuition. He tutored my son for 6 months in the run-up to his physics A level and managed to lift his grades as well as his interest and confidence. Mark has excellent subject knowledge, he is clear in his explanations, encouraging, reliable, punctual and flexible. He always responded promptly to any questions my son to him by email between lessons and provided useful extension tasks. I would highly recommend him. My son gained an A* in physics although he had never been predicted more than an A. Mark must take full credit for the difference he made to my son's performance.

I have no hesitation in recommending him.

IGCSE Computer Science I`m very pleased with Mark`s professional approach and excellent, targeted tuition for IGCSE Computer Science.

First impression is great

A level Mechanics Mark seems to be be very knowledgeable and has a practical and hands on approach. We look forward to more sessions.

punctual and polite.

A level Physics My son is very pleased with him. Weaknesses have been identified and he has built confidence.

Nice teaching style, very affable.

A level Mathematics & A level Computing

One of the best tutors

A level Physics and Mathematics Mark Brown was my tutor for A-levels in physics the past academic year. He introduced me to the whole course in 9 months only and helped me to get A mark in physics. Mark is one of the best tutor's I've ever worked with, not only does he provide an excellent level of academic knowledge but also he listens to the tutee and tries to address their needs. Mark explained to me very carefully every aspect I had a problem with and went through the most demanding examples. He was also very fair with marking my homework always willing to point out areas I had to improve, he did it however in non stressful way. He also tried to provide me a broader view on a subject that I would get from the books and to show me the real life application of the topic we were discussing, since he know I was interested in engineering. Mark also organised laboratories for me so I could understand the relation between certain fields of physics better. He always kept notes about my lectures and any questions so the lessons were very organised which was extremely helpful during hectic weeks of May and June. Overall I would definitely say that Mark is very professional and working with him was a great pleasure. At the end I successfully got into UCL Mechanical Engineering Master's course.

my daughter had a few lessons for far, she says Mark`s lessons are very well structured and helpful

A level Mathematics