Dr Mark S. Brown

PhD MRes MPhys

Independent Private Education since 2014

University degrees from Manchester, Cambridge & UCL

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science & Programming

Recent Articles

A Reasonably Detailed Introduction to Classes In Python

Posted on 20-02-19 in Computing • Tagged with Python, A-level

Classes are a useful structure in Python for abstracting behaviours and grouping functions & variables together. This article covers an introduction to the topic along with several examples.

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Basic Implementation of Graphs In Python

Posted on 11-02-19 in Computing • Tagged with python, A-level

In this article I outline one method of implementing simple graphs in Python along with some questions.

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Using Decorators in Python

Posted on 04-02-19 in Computing • Tagged with python

What decorators are and how they can be used in Python are discussed in this article

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Input and Output Exercises

Posted on 27-01-19 in Exercises • Tagged with python, teaching

In this article I list exercises to complete for basic input and output with python.

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A Level Computing Project - Where to start

Posted on 19-01-19 in Computing • Tagged with A-level, Computer Science

This guide outlines how to begin writing (and coding) an A-level project for Computer Science

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Random numbers, order and choices

Posted on 01-10-18 in Computing • Tagged with python. random, passwords

In this article I will present uses of the standard library random. We will apply this to some useful examples.

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A Short Guide to Writing Long Answers

Posted on 17-04-18 in Physics • Tagged with A level, Exam

A short guide for A level students on how to write long answers for Physics.

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Short Exercises using simple Python Syntax

Posted on 28-02-18 in Exercises • Tagged with python, exercises, teaching

Here are some short exercises to apply knowledge of basic Python

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Fixing some examples of broken code

Posted on 27-02-18 in Exercises • Tagged with python, exercises, teaching

Some examples of broken code are shown to the reader and they should endeavour to fix them.

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What to do when you're stuck

Posted on 24-02-18 in Computing • Tagged with python, programming

In this article I outline what to do if you get stuck with the exercises.

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